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What is not covered

The requirements covered by the UKCS relate to core functionality for the main functional areas listed above. As already mentioned, additional requirements for these areas should be specified separately.

Library management systems often include optional software for other services, such as resource discovery systems/portals, e-resource management and reading lists. These are not currently covered by UKCS. In any case, they may often be supplied independently of the LMS.

Requirements relating to inter-operability with local or corporate systems, e.g. customer contact centres or organisational portals, are not covered and would need to be specified separately.

The UKCS concentrates on library-system specific functionality, and does not cover general techniques provided by underlying operating systems, e.g. Windows techniques such as cut and paste, drop down menus etc.

Users should be aware that functional requirements form only one part of an OR. An OR will normally consist of the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Background information
  • Technical requirements, e.g. database, networking and operating systems, system operation and administration, character sets, data migration, barcodes/RFID tags, inter-operability with other local or corporate systems
  • Functional requirements (UKCS plus additional local functional requirements)
  • Optional software requirements, e.g. resource discovery system/portal, e-resource management, reading lists
  • Support and training requirements
  • Various appendices including statistical information about the library

The OR will itself normally form part of an Invitation to Tender (ITT) where a formal procurement is involved. For further advice concerning tender procedures and contracts, libraries should consult a procurement professional.

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