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====== 1. ====== ===== ===== ===== Document delivery and inter-library loans ===== Importance

=== === === General ===

Document delivery and inter-library loans must be integrated with the rest of the system, including:

==== R1 ====
the OPAC (for users to input requests and view progress)

==== R2 ====
borrower records (to control ILL privileges)

==== R3 ====
circulation control (for ongoing control of inter-library loans)

==== R4 ====
For requests input via the OPAC, there must be facilities for staff to authorise and process requests

==== R5 ====
The system must support ISO 10160/10161 ILL protocol (current version)

==== R6 ====
The system must support the current procedures and formats specified by the British Library Document Supply Centre (BLDSC)

==== R7 ====
The system should support requests to other libraries

==== R8 ====
A file of supplying libraries must be maintained, accessible by code and library name

==== R9 ====
Format and content of notices must be library-definable

==== R10 ====
It must be possible to archive completed document delivery/ILL requests and make them available for access by staff for a library-defined period

=== === === Request process ===

The system must:

==== R11 ====
check eligibility to place requests (by borrower category) and any blocks on the user which may inhibit the request

==== R12 ====
allow a limit to be imposed on the number of concurrent requests from any user (by borrower category), with an overall limit over a library-defined period of time

==== R13 ====
provide varying templates for entering the request (for monographs, serials, serial articles, conferences etc)

==== R14 ====
allow users entering requests via the OPAC to specify a collection point (if applicable)

==== R15 ====
allow requests to be created by uploading data from external databases, e.g. BLDSC databases

==== R16 ====
allow library staff to amend the bibliographic and other request details before and after transmission of request

==== R17 ====
allow for checking requests against the OPAC

==== R18 ====
allow for special requirements to be added to requests, e.g. loan essential, translation only

==== R19 ====
allow for BLDSC transaction codes to be added to requests, e.g. RENEW, CANCEL etc.

==== R20 ====
handle urgent requests, e.g. phone requests, and suppress transmission of the request concerned

==== R21 ====
allow staff to access the request record in a number of ways, including:

==== R22 ====
bibliographic details

==== R23 ====
from the user record

The user record must display:

==== R24 ====
ILL items on loan

==== R25 ====
outstanding requests

==== R26 ====
progress reports

==== R27 ====
Requests must be displayed in chronological order with most recent first

==== R28 ====
The system must support the electronic transmission of requests to BLDSC via ARTTel2/ARTEmail with an option to print or e-mail requests to other libraries if required.

==== R29 ====
Error detection must be provided and it must be possible to amend and retransmit files

==== R30 ====
It must be possible to change lenders for outstanding requests

==== R31 ====
It must be possible to initiate action to revive a cancelled request or to re-request a wrongly-supplied item

=== === === Receipt and loan ===

The system must record the receipt of the following (with date of receipt automatically recorded):

==== R32 ====
photocopy for retention

==== R33 ====
item for loan or use in the Library

==== R34 ====
It must be possible to amend the supplying library if different from the library from which the item was originally requested

The system must:

==== R35 ====
record the direct delivery of photocopied documents to the end user from BLDSC (as reported by BLDSC)

==== R36 ====
produce requester’s address in label format for sending out photocopies from Library

==== R37 ====
record completion of items sent out from BLDSC/Library

==== R38 ====
allow for ongoing control of reference and loan items (issue, renewal, recall, return, overdues, fines) via the circulation function, with specific parameters for such items, e.g. loan periods, fines, notices

==== R39 ====
allow a default due date to be set for each lending library (library-defined) for loan items, and for ‘issuing’ items to be used in the Library

==== R40 ====
take account of closed days when calculating return dates

==== R41 ====
create a loan period that includes both a return date and an automatic extension (subject to recall) in line with BLDSC lending policy

==== R42 ====
notify the requester on receipt of an item, with details of collection point, due date, renewal conditions, and whether item is for use in the Library only

==== R43 ====
notify Library staff if an item has not been collected within a library-defined period of time

==== R44 ====
notifications must be possible by e-mail, print, and also appear on user’s record on OPAC

=== === === Renewals ===

The system must:

==== R45 ====
manage renewal of loans, both from other libraries, and from BLDSC who require renewals to be made on a new request number

==== R46 ====
allow for the electronic transmission of the renewal request to BLDSC

==== R47 ====
produce printed or e-mail notices to renew with other libraries

=== === === Reports ===

The system must:

==== R48 ====
recognise standard BLDSC report codes and translate them to appear as text on the system

==== R49 ====
allow free text reports to be input and for standard reports to be amended as necessary

==== R50 ====
generate reports for requesters, lenders and library staff, which may be printed, e-mailed, and/or displayed on the OPAC (for end users)

==== R51 ====
allow for a reapplication to the same supplier or a different supplier after receiving a reply from the requester

=== === === Chasers and cancellations ===

The system must:

==== R52 ====
generate chasers according to library-defined regimes

==== R53 ====
transmit chasers electronically to BLDSC

==== R54 ====
generate printed or e-mail chasers for other suppliers

==== R55 ====
allow for requests to be cancelled

==== R56 ====
allow for logging the reason for the cancellation

==== R57 ====
generate cancellation notices to the supplier and requester

==== R58 ====
transmit cancellation requests electronically to BLDSC

=== ===
=== Charges and funds ===

==== R59 ====
It must be possible to handle charges imposed by document delivery suppliers

==== R60 ==== === === The system must support deposit and billing accounts

==== R61 ==== === === It must be possible to set up a number of accounting methods for one supplier

==== R62 ==== === === The system must allow funds to be set up for document delivery/ILL

==== R63 ==== === === Funds in ILL/document delivery should be linked to Acquisitions funds

=== === The system must maintain and display for each fund:

==== R64 ==== === === fund allocation

==== R65 ==== === === expenditure

==== R66 ==== === === commitment

==== R67 ==== === === cash balance

=== === === Loans to other libraries ===

==== R68 ====
The system must provide a facility for loaning to other libraries

==== R69 ====
Control of loans (issue, renewal, recall, return, overdues) must use library-defined parameters.

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