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====== 1. 1 2. ====== ===== Type ===== ===== Bibliographic database management ===== Importance

=== === === General ===

The system:

==== R1 ====
must provide for creating and maintaining bibliographic records

must support:

==== R2 ====
MARC21 as defined in

==== R3 ====
Dewey (current edition)

==== R4 ====
Library of Congress classification (current edition)

==== R5 ====
Library of Congress Subject Headings (current edition)

== V1 == A/S
MeSH (current edition)

==== R6 ====
ISO 2108 (ISBN, current revision)

==== R7 ====
must allow extra local bibliographic fields to be defined

==== R8 ====
must not impose limits on record, field or subfield size, or the number of fields in a record (beyond that imposed by the MARC format)

=== === === Record import and export ===

The system must:

==== R9 ====
allow online access to a range of library-defined databases using Z39.50 (current version) and provide for the import of bibliographic records

==== R10 ====
provide for the import of authority records

==== R11 ====
provide for the import of records in batch and in realtime, i.e. direct to the cataloguing screen

==== R12 ====
allow imported records, which match records already on the database, to overwrite or merge with those records, or be rejected, according to library-defined parameters

==== R13 ====
allow the export of records in MARC21 exchange format

=== === === Record creation and editing ===

The system must:

==== R14 ====
provide a full-screen edit interface for creating bibliographic records

==== R15 ====
allow for library-defined templates for different types of material, e.g. monographs, serials

==== R16 ====
provide both a MARC and labelled input interface

==== R17 ====
prevent the creation of duplicate records by allowing pre-searching and matching on various fields including control numbers (ISBN, ISSN)

==== R18 ====
allow existing records, from external sources or the internal database, to be copied and used as the basis for a new record

==== R19 ====
allow data common to more than one record to be duplicated for a succession of records

==== R20 ====
validate ISBN-10 and ISBN-13

==== R21 ====
validate ISSNs

==== R22 ====
allow for adding new copies to an existing record

==== R23 ====
provide for the online deletion of bibliographic records; it must not be possible to delete a bibliographic record if it still has item (copy) records attached

==== R24 ====
provide for immediate retrieval on all access points defined by the library

=== === === Authority control ===

The system must:

==== R25 ====
support MARC21 Authorities format

allow for authority control on certain fields, to include:

==== R26 ====

==== R27 ====

==== R28 ====

==== R29 ====
provide for the creation, editing and deletion of authority records

==== R30 ====
allow access to authority records during record creation for checking/selecting headings

==== R31 ====
allow display of works associated with an authority heading

==== R32 ====
allow for global changes of headings and merging of headings, with associated records amended automatically

=== === === Electronic resources ===

==== R33 ====
The system must allow for the input of URLs, URNs and other URIs in bibliographic records for electronic location and access information

==== R34 ==== === === === The system must incorporate a link checker ===

=== === === Item (copy) record management ===

==== R35 ====
The system must allow unique item identifiers (e.g. barcodes, RFID tags) to be assigned to item records on the system

==== R36 ====
There must be no effective limit to the number of item records linked to the bibliographic record

==== R37 ====
It must be possible to specify library-defined defaults for item data and to copy item data from one record to another

==== R38 ====
It must be possible to mark copies as withdrawn or deleted

==== R39 ====
The system must give a warning if the last copy is being withdrawn or deleted

==== R40 ====
It must be possible to assign a replacement item identifier to an item, and transfer all transaction data to the new item record

=== === === Stock management ===

==== R41 ====
The system must provide a stock checking facility, allowing the use of portable devices to store and upload item identifiers (e.g. barcodes, RFID tags) to the database, and report inconsistencies

==== R42 ====
The system must provide routines for bulk changes of data, e.g. location, loan category

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