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Whilst it is important that the relevant standards are specified in the UKCS, the checklist approach may not be sufficient to determine compliance, and this is one area where libraries may wish to ask for additional information to ascertain how the standard is implemented (often involving the use of profiles) and how it affects functionality. A useful guide to standards issued before 2002 is ‘The RFP Writer’s Guide to Standards for Library Systems’ which can be found at: As stated previously, it is important to follow up how standards are used at system demonstrations and site visits.

A particular UK difficulty relates to inter-library loans (ILL). Whilst the UKCS includes reference to the international ILL protocol (ISO 10160/10161), it has also been necessary to include requirements for the British Library Document Supply Centre ARTTel and ARTEmail systems, because only these systems support the full range of services and delivery options which BLDSC offer (the ISO/ILL gateway ARTISO does not yet offer the full range of delivery options).

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