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The United Kingdom Core Specification for Library Management Systems (LMS) UKCS Version 3 (2007)

The UKCS was last updated in 2007 and parts of it are out of date.
It should be used with caution and will be removed from the website soon. An initiative is underway to create something new–which may not be a simple update of the UKCS

The UKCS was developed in order to reduce the effort involved in specifying standard functionality which is available on all library management systems. CILIP supported the development of the specification and is promoting its adoption. It was compiled by Juliet Leeves, a freelance library systems consultant, in consultation with a number of Library Management System suppliers who agreed a core set of requirements, together with a variant set to meet the needs of differing market sectors. The model agreed with suppliers for the UKCS was a checklist of basic functions which could be expected on any LMS. The checklist is intended to form one part of an Operational Requirement (OR), which is normally included in an Invitation To Tender (ITT) in formal procurement procedures. However, it can also be used in less formal procedures as a simple checklist of features.

The UKCS was last updated in 2007 (Version 3). This wiki allows the library community to update the specification and contribute to discussions.
Version 3 may also be downloaded without charge under a Creative Commons licence. For details of the licence see: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike Non-Commercial 3.0 License. If you are uncertain about the terms of use for the UKCS contact Ken Chad ( Tel +44 (0)7788 727845)

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The UKCS online (Use the DISCUSSION tab on the relevant pages below to suggest amendments)

Further information about the UKCS V3

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