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 {{:​libtechrfp_logo.jpg?​nolink&​215x54|libtechrfp_logo.jpg}} {{:​libtechrfp_logo.jpg?​nolink&​215x54|libtechrfp_logo.jpg}}
-====== ​Open Specifications ​for Library Systems ​======+Open Specification ​for Library Systems ​(LibTechRFP) is hosted by [[http://​​|Ken Chad Consulting]].
-LibTechRFP ​was set up by **[[|Ken Chad Consulting**]]** to provide open and sharable ​requirements ​documents for library ​technologyIt is an open and free community resource that anyone can participate in.+**This is an open community resource to help make a better and more effective library system change process. Please feel free to add resources or amend existing ones. Open specification/​requirements documents are made available as follows** 
 +===== LibTechRFP ​Open Specification requirement documents ===== 
 +  - Available in an [[:​unified_library_resource_management_specification|online (and editable) format]] 
 +  - Download the specification as as {{:​unified_library_resource_management_system_specification_v2_aug2012.doc|WORD document}} 
 +The content has been adapted from a specification kindly made available ​by a UK university library in 2012. You are free to use and adapt the specification. This is a ‘free cultural work’ and is licensed as follows: //**Creative Commons CC-0** ​ // \\  \\ The Creative Commons Attribution License is the most permissive of the six main licenses created by the Creative Commons project (Licenses/​CC-0 effectively releases a work into the public domain). A work licensed in this way grants all the four freedoms listed in the definition of free cultural works. For more information go the the [[|creative commons website ​]] 
 +===== Alternative specification/​requirements ===== 
 +**Specification used by {{:​university_of_edinburgh_lmp_detailed_requirements.xlsx|Edinburgh University}} 
 +  ** 
 +NOTE on use: From the README section of the document: "This document lists a set of detailed ​requirements ​that a library ​may wish to consider when procuring a new Library Management System / Library Management Platform**This document ​is licenced with a Creative Commons By-Attribution (CC-BY) licence.** ​ You are free to use this document for your own purposes, however the University of Edinburgh cannot be held responsible for use of the document, or for any errors containedEdinburgh University Library, 2014; System related questions may be addressed to Stuart Lewis ( or Laura Shanahan"​ 
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