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(This requirement is based on a specification provided by a Discovery service vendor. Please feel free to edit . The specification is available for free unrestricted use and re-use under a creative Commons CC-0 license

System Overview

1.1What is the name of the system?Info
1.2What open standards does the system support?Info
1.3Please supply full details of system requirements, including production and test servers, operating systems, network, power supplies and any other dependencies on third party elements.Info
1.4Please list the Library Management Systems with which the system is known to work.Info
1.5Do you offer supplier hosting of the system? If hosted, please state if it is hosted in the UK or abroad, and if abroad, state the impact this status has in respect of the UK Data Protection Act.Info
1.6If software is to be provided, will you be the sole owner?
If not, please state who will own it, how licensing will operate and how support will be provided.
1.7Please give examples of your ability to work with third party suppliers in the context of these requirements.Desirable
1.8Describe any searchable central index of scholarly materials, and the benefits to the user arising from this approach.Info
1.9Provide full details of the agreements which you currently have with publishers to include their metadata in a central index.Desirable
1.10How often is metadata from 3rd party suppliers updated?Desirable
1.11Please describe the levels of metadata in the central index and any enrichment provided.Desirable
1.12Describe how the system will import or access locally held catalogue records, journals lists, archival finding lists etc. Please describe how you would maintain consistency with the source.Desirable
1.13What open Application Programming Interface (API) Web services or other open technologies are provided to facilitate the integration of existing and emerging library and institutional online services?Desirable
1.14How is the integration of new services into the system supported by tools, documentation, user forums and/or technical support.Desirable
1.15How does the system comply with prevailing UK accessibility legislation?Info
1.16Does the system comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act?Info
2.1Describe how the system supports an integrated search of the Library catalogue, sources of article-level, journal-level and database-level metadata, and other locally held and external metadata sources including repositories and archive/museum resources.Info
2.2How does the system support Federated Search?Info
2.3If the system supports Federated Search describe how new or changed connectors are managed in the system.Info
2.4The system must provide a straightforward search function that comes close to the Google experience in terms of speed and simplicityMust
2.5Please describe how searches can be refined at any stage. Tools should be provided to help users improve the specificity of their search and relevance of results, and to expand their search to retrieve related resultsDesirable
2.6The system should provide an alternative advanced search function. Please describe.Desirable
2.7Search strings containing miss spelt terms should prompt “did you mean” alternative search suggestions and present an option to the user to return results that include suggested alternative search terms.Desirable
2.8Searches should include synonymous terms not included in the entered search. A search results summary should make clear to users that the search includes synonyms.Desirable
2.9A history of previous searches carried out during the current browser session should be available to the user until they log out or close their browser.Desirable

Search Results

3.1How is ranking of search results achieved?Desirable
3.2How can locally held or licensed materials be highlighted in the search results?Desirable
3.3How can records that lead directly to full text be flagged differently from metadata only records?Desirable
3.4Provide details of OpenURL link resolvers which the system is known to support.Info
3.5How are duplicate records identified and presented in the results list?Desirable
3.6A summary at the head of the search result should include the search entered by the user, and the number of results retrieved.Desirable
3.7The display of search results should be clear, without distractions (e.g. advertising).Desirable
3.8The system should have the option to print, save, or e-mail search results and to send results to EndNote, RefWorks or other bibliographic software.Desirable
3.9What options does your system offer for automated running of saved searches (i.e. SDI)?Desirable
3.10The origin of each result (i.e. the information resources from which it has been drawn) should be displayed in each case, and be available as a hyperlink.Desirable
3.11Catalogue record displays should include material type indicators (print/online book/journal; AV cassette, CD or DVD) for each record.Desirable
3.12Record displays for physical items in the catalogue should include location and availability information, and links to make reservations.Desirable
3.13Catalogue record item availability information must be updated dynamically from the Library Management System (LMS).Must
3.14Items should include links to alternative fulfilment options e.g. interlending options, Google Books, WorldCat, Amazon.Desirable
3.15Provision should be available for including book covers and links to other enriched content (Tables of Contents, introductory book chapters etc.).Desirable


4.1Provide information about the authentication protocols that your system supports.Info


5.1The system should allow users to review and run saved personal searches.Desirable
5.2The system should allow users to save and manage search resultsDesirable
5.3Functionality for tagging and reviewing search results for personal and public consumption should be available and self-evident. Describe how user-added content can be managed by system administrators.Desirable


6.1Is the user interface customisable by the customer and/or the supplier? e.g. Local branding. Give examples.Desirable
6.2Describe the functions carried out in any administrative interface provided.Desirable

Management information

7.1Please detail the management reports available and the extent to which they are customisableDesirable
7.2It should be possible to export statistics to standard desktop packagesDesirable

Support and Maintenance

8.1The service must be resilient to server, power, network and other failures.Must
8.2The service must be restorable in the event of non-recoverable problems, such as disastrous server or component failure. Describe how this would work.Must
8.3Specify the upgrades, updates and patches, and interoperation plug-ins that are included in the support and maintenance agreement.Info
8.4Describe your system support arrangements for:
fault reporting and response procedures, including prioritisation and escalation;
software fixing procedures and time-scale;
how customers are informed about known software faults and bugs;
8.5Describe your proposed ongoing support package including:
helpdesk features, availability and support levels;
availability of service level agreements;
arrangements for out of hours support;
Any other support provided.
8.6Provide details of any warranties supplied with the service.Info
8.7Describe how software support, development and enhancements are managed, particularly how customers are involved.Desirable
8.8Describe your software release programme, including system updates.Info
8.9Please provide a roadmap for future development of the product with timescales.Info

Training and documentation

9.1What help and documentation is available for staff users and systems administrators?Desirable
9.2Describe the quantity and nature of training provided as part of the standard implementation package and for new releases.Desirable
9.3Describe the specialist technical support and advice relating for the maintenance and ongoing use of the system and contents.Desirable

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