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Changing library systems

This page is dedicated to articles and other resources to help in thinking about changing systems.
The Higher Education Library Technology (HELibTech) wiki has information about those (HE) institutions that are in a procurement process of have recently completed one. These institutions can be a useful resource in considering the issues around library system change.

Articles and other resources

Focus on the user. By Ken Chad Published in UKSG eNews 13 December 2013
The impetus to be more and more ‘customer driven’ or ‘consumer focused’ seems relentless and almost universal. ‘Consumerization’ has taken on a specific meaning in terms of information technology. It represents the growing tendency for new technology: “to emerge first in the consumer market and then spread into business and government organizations.” The consumer market is now seen as the primary driver of information technology innovation. Ken looks at a methodology to help organisations be more user focussed

The library management system is dead–long live the library ecosystem. By Ken Chad. Published in CILIP Update September 2013
In increasingly complex information landscapes, is it time to stop thinking in terms of the library management system or integrated library system, or even a ‘library services platform’–and instead start talking about an ‘ecosystem’.

Library infrastructure: value for money? This short presentation by Ken Chad (at the Jisc Library System Programme Workshop on 15th July 2013) looked at the value and business case for making changes to library technology infrastructure.

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